How is the deployment to live environment done?

ans: Ideally we would need access to a test site along with access to the git repository. All changes to the code will be deployed through git. Files that need not be committed will be transferred via hosting panel or FTP.

Is there a free trial?

ans: If you are choosing the “Updates Only” plan, you will get a 30 day free trial. For every other plan there is no free trial. The reason for this is because it will take a certain amount of developer time to set up a project development environment.

Is it possible to interact with the developers?

ans: Yes, all your queries will be conveyed through to a developer and he/she will respond ASAP. Although live/telephonic support will not be provided, your queries will be addressed in time.

How is the initial setup done?

ans: Initial Setup includes things like setting up a development environment, version control, and local environment. This is a one time process and is the same for every new website given to us.